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Car leasing deals in NY

Are you a dreamer? There are those among us who dream of driving the perfect car. To each person, this car is different. Some people may want a high powered performance car like a Nissan Skyline GT-R, while others may want something more suited for the family unit, like a minivan or an entry-level SUV. Everyone is different and they all have different dreams as to what their perfect car should be. Auto Specials NY makes it a point to cater to the needs of every single one of our customers on a personal level. We don’t just offer you generic models that everyone else in NYC also drives. Instead, we offer our vehicles with a variety of different trims. This is done so that you can customize the vehicle before you lease it, and make it your own. The best part? All of them are usually available for the best car leasing deals in NYC.

Huge range of vehicles on offer

In order to be able to cater to everyone, we need to make sure that we have the biggest selection. Having just 5 or 6 manufacturers in our inventory just isn’t good enough for Auto Specials NY. Instead, we have a selection of over 40 different manufacturers from all over the world. Collectively, the cars that we have in our store make for about 300 different models and vehicle lines. We don’t keep it local. We branch out and get some of the most exotic vehicles from carmakers around the globe. If penguins made cars, we would have a shipping line open to Antarctica in a heartbeat. That is how dedicated we are to maintaining the largest, most diverse range of vehicles in the whole of NYC. It is no small wonder that we are now one of the top rated car leasing companies in the entire city.

Choosing the right vehicles

With such a massive range under our belt, choosing the right vehicle for you can be pretty tough. You will probably start feeling like a kid in a candy store, with all the sweets in the world out on the counter. The worst part is that you just have to pick one kind. This is the same thing as shopping at Auto Specials NY. With the range of lease cars that we have in our store, you are going to be standing there jaw agape trying to figure out which one to get. Our store has one of the biggest inventories in the whole on NYC, and all of our cars are available with special auto leasing deals all the time!

Thankfully, we have a system in place to help you figure out what you want in your car. You can talk to your agents at any time you want simply by calling our hotline on 718-879-8890. The deals are among the best in the city, so don’t dare to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime here.


Click here to view our lease specials !