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Answers to Auto Leasing Questions

Time and time again our customers ask us questions. We are always here to answer, and we will always do it with a smile in our voices on the phone. However, we believe in making things easier for you wherever we can. This includes answering your questions. Instead of having to pick up the phone and dial our hotline (which is actually insanely easy to remember), you could just check out this page. See, we get a lot of customers. Sometimes, they all wind up asking the same questions either directly or indirectly. However you may phrase the question, the answer always remains the same, because we don’t lie. We don’t have to change our story every time you ask the same question. In fact, here are some of the most popular questions that our car leasing agency gets asked.

Can I get the latest models?

We get asked this question so many times that we expect it before we pick up the phones now. The most common question with all of our customers is if they can get the very latest model of a specific vehicle. The answer, as always, is yes. Here at Auto Specials NY it is our policy to bring you the most updated range in NYC. We prefer not to keep any older models of vehicles in our inventory. Every single one of our vehicles is the very latest in its production line. The second that a new car comes out, we update our inventory so that we have it in our store. We want to make sure that we can deliver the best in class vehicles to our customers. For the most part, we have had astounding success in doing this. Our vehicles are all top of the line, high-end premium automobiles that are the latest and greatest.

Can I get a discount if I pay Specific Terms?

This is one of the things that makes all the other auto leasing companies in NYC dislike us. Our lease policies are very customizable. If you want to get yourself the lease car for a longer or shorter time than the standard, at a different rate, you can do this with us. Working with us, you get to personalize your auto lease so that it fits you and your budget. You don’t need to worry about having to pay one specific lease rate for the same time that everyone else does. Simply call us now on 718-879-8890 and talk to our agents about the options that you have to customize your car lease.

With Auto Specials NY you will be embarking on the journey of a lifetime in your brand new lease car, and we are going to be with you every step of the way. If you have any more questions regarding the answers above, just want to clarify something else, or really need to talk to someone, feel free to call us.


Click here to view our lease specials !