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Choose the Best Auto Leasing Service in NY

When it comes to a car leasing company, or any company that does sales of some sort, the service quality appears to generally be subpar. This seems to be a trend of sorts in most places in New York and pretty much the world. Sales staff are notorious for being pushy and annoying. They also seem to enjoy making you choose a car you would rather not have. If you buy a vehicle that has been pushed on you by the sales staff at the auto leasing agency, the chances are that you won’t really like it much. In a way, they are waging psychological war against you, because they are manipulating you into buying these vehicles you would rather do without. However, Auto Specials NY is not like these companies. We offer you a level of quality in our service that has no match anywhere in NYC.

Friendly staff who do their job

The point of having salespeople is so that you can get the help you need in choosing the right car for you. They are not there to force you to buy the car they want you to buy so that they can increase their commission. You are the person who will be driving the car in the end, so you need to make sure that you buy one that you want. At Auto Specials NY, the staff are trained to do their jobs, and nothing more. This means that you won’t need to worry about biased, pushy staff who try to unload the most expensive vehicles on you. Our staff are very friendly, easygoing people who help you like any friend would in picking the right vehicle. They are also well versed in how our car leasing company works, as well as our policies. This means that you can ask them just about anything regarding our process and they will have an answer.

Reducing the amount of bias in our company

In order to reduce the incidence of biased sales staff who start to prefer a certain model of car, we have some measures in place. These include having a huge range of products on offer. With the sheer number of vehicles we have for you we ensure that our staff doesn’t start to pick one type of vehicle. There is strength in numbers and we employ this in such a way that it reduces the amount of bias in our staff to nothing. After all, every single one of our vehicles offer great value. You will be able to browse through our range without an annoying staff member popping up and trying to change your mind every two minutes.

This means that you will be able to make your own decisions (finally!). If you want the service that has been among the highest rated in NYC since our founding, call our staff on 718-879-8890 right now. You won’t be disappointed with the stellar service we offer our customers every single time.



Click here to view our lease specials !